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  1. TKOxMcNasty

    How do I........

    So I wanted to know how do I find a squad that plays codGhost on Xbox. I ONLY play ghost and that's it but I can't seem to find a or the right group to play with. I also would like to join THE KSI Ghost clan but again I can't find our clan to join because there are so many. Any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU
  2. TKOxMcNasty

    CoD Ghosts Clan

    I would like to join this group if i can. Could someone tell me which is the real clan there are so many, also hit me up on xbox GT: ll McNasty ll
  3. TKOxMcNasty

    Hot girls here

    Lol. I knew this would get someone.
  4. TKOxMcNasty

    Hot girls here

    Okay now I have your attention I am looking for some members to play with. I play Blops 2 lots and am looking for ANYONE to play with, don't matter if you good or bad. There's so many member but I have like 10 KSI friends. Come on ppl and play with me. GT: ll McNasty ll
  5. TKOxMcNasty

    Black Ops 2

    I love playing blops even tho I seems to lag all the time. I need some ppl to play with. Any game type anytime and some ppl that like zombies as well. Anyone and everyone add me. TKOxMcNasty
  6. TKOxMcNasty


    Feel free to add me. TKOxMcNasty
  7. TKOxMcNasty

    Play with me!

    You got it. Ty
  8. Looking for ppl to play blops 2 with me on Xbox. Any person is welcome to friend invite or join me. See you soon.
  9. TKOxMcNasty

    Play with me!

    Hello. I am looking for ppl here to play black ops 2 with. I try to play lots of different times any game type and zombies. Hit me up anytime. TKOxMcNasty