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  1. ha close to all of you right now he is so close to me right now I can touch him.
  2. KSI Fallenprime

    Bf4 or COD: Ghosts

    well I do prefer the call of duty series but I feel sort of let down with the ghosts game. it sort of feels like it is missing something that all of the other call of duty's had. but battle field 4 I downloaded the beta for a while ago and I was not impressed at all. but of course I was never a battlefield fan. I like the cartoony aspect that call of duty brings while the battlefield series sort of is a little to much realism in my opinion. What are your opinions?
  3. KSI Fallenprime

    Xbox One

    Well do plan on getting the Xbox one. I really want it for the Blu-ray compatibility and of course all of the awesome games that come with buying the system. Anatomy7 how's that Forza?
  4. KSI Fallenprime


    I am a new member to the KSI forums and I was just wondering if anyone would care to play some Payday2 latter add me @ KSI Fallenprime
  5. KSI Fallenprime

    KSI Fallenprime

    Yeah this forums is a little weird to post on but I sort of got used to it after a while. and "smack"
  6. KSI Fallenprime

    KSI Fallenprime

    Why hello my name is KSI Fallenprime.