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  1. "Where words fail, music speaks."

  2. "Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold, but you will remember me. Remember me for centuries."

  3. "I though I kept you safe and sound, I thought I made you strong, but something made me realize, that I was wrong."

    1. Phantom LE

      Phantom LE

      "If this is how you feel, no, if this is how you think you must feel, then you are mistaken. The place you thought you could keep protected by committing crimes of such a degree that few even know, that is treachery at the highest of degrees, a crime in which, is punishable by death. However, the place you wanted to protect, this place here, never needed it, it only needed support of those who care, so welcome back old friend, how long will you be staying"

  4. Decided to stop by and see how everything is going. Seems good. Good luck KSI!

  5. Theory

    The love of music

    Nice, I've found another musician lol \(^.^)/
  6. Theory

    Whats your Ethnic Background

    Native American, Puerto Rican, African American a bit of Italian and Spanish.
  7. Well. After over a year I think it's about time that I left for a bit. See you all soon! -KSIxSuperGamer

  8. Theory

    3 word story

    a bit of
  9. Theory

    My Introduction... 1 year late... >.< <3 rave

    Hey stranger ^.^ lol I'm kidding, but that's awesome. Technically speaking, I will have been a part of KSI for a whole year on September 13th, counting from the time that I was officially and properly recruited into clan ops. (I was recruited before then, but I wasn't placed so I don't count that most of the time) It's just awesome to see people who have been in KSI for a long, or short time, but are helping the community. I have only been in for a little while but seeing other people doing what they do for KSI is just awesome and of course, encouraging.
  10. Theory


    Welcome to KSI
  11. Theory

    How long have you been in KSI?

    Was recruited around June 2013 but was never placed in a Squad or Division. Re-recruited and placed in a Division on September 13, 2013.
  12. Theory

    Le Minion

    Welcome back.
  13. "When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done. Help me leave behind some, reasons to be missed."