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  1. I was promoted to 1LT today and won the recruitment challenge!

    1. KSI HAZOPSpartn
    2. Blasé


      congrats on your promotion and the contest

    3. KSI KnightHawk
  2. I get like 1-3 recruits a day

  3. If you recruit 3 people at the same time its called a turkey. I got a turkey tonight lol

    1. KSI HAZOPSpartn

      KSI HAZOPSpartn

      X X X turkey

      ill have to remember this lol

    2. KSI  Gauge
  4. KSI  Gauge


    There is to my knowledge anyway no basic recruiting speech that you guys have and if you put up a basic script people can fallow I feel like people would have a better time recruiting rather than just sending out whatever messages they are sending now. Just a suggestion.
  5. Well no luck for recruiting today.

  6. KSI  Gauge

    KSI Gamertag

    nah Im going to be KSI Doomsday or KSI WMD7 lol then when I am an officer ill be KSI WMD 7
  7. KSI  Gauge

    KSI Gamertag

  8. KSI  Gauge

    KSI Gamertag

    I have already picked my gamertag, but I want to hear all of yours and see who is the most creative!
  9. KSI  Gauge

    Looking for people to play halo with!

    you have a deal!
  10. KSI  Gauge

    alphabetical word game

    yellow dahm im behind hahaha
  11. Recruited my first KSI member today.

    1. KSI KnightHawk

      KSI KnightHawk

      Good keep up the good work

  12. KSI  Gauge

    New Member

    What's up buddy!
  13. KSI  Gauge


    Thank you RCD I didn't know there was a suggestion forum
  14. KSI  Gauge


    I am not sure if KSI has been doing this or just doesn't want to but I was thinking maybe the generals for each squad would get a roster of his/hers members and post them on their squad forum. For example, lets say KSI SpecOps XV has 50 members and the balance of ranks are all out of whack this is what the roster would look like: General(1): KSI JECKEL Major(1):x Captain(1): KSI DARKANGEL84 Lieutenant(x):x and so fourth