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    Making my baby girl smile, talking to my wonderful boyfriend, animals, watching tv, and games when I get the chance to play them.

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  1. KSI Stormie187


    Well Welcome back to KSI.
  2. KSI Stormie187

    New girl

    Welcome to ksi
  3. KSI Stormie187

    Thoughts on Going to sryia

    Well I think where they are about to fire people "who isn't needed" because they are to stubborn to agree on a budget is rediculous. It's not there fault that congress don't like obamacare they don't need to punish the people that they are about to fire and their families for it. And second if us going to Syria is need then so be it send our military over if its not then done send men over there to die for no reason. I don't know all the info about Syria but that's what I think without knowing everything
  4. KSI Stormie187

    What song are you listening to?

    2 Chainz- I'm Different
  5. KSI Stormie187

    Light Years

    I can vitalize it and I don't think is eery but has really good detail.
  6. KSI Stormie187

    Must see movies

    I'm with panda I think White House Down is going to be a really good movie along with The Purge
  7. KSI Stormie187

    Favorite Genre

    I like all the above but classical. But I have to say its a tie between rap and rock
  8. KSI Stormie187

    BF4 , CoD Ghosts or GTA V?

    CoD Ghost
  9. KSI Stormie187

    In blood and Taers

    I love it
  10. KSI Stormie187

    Shattered Souls (incomplete)

    I like what you got so far. Sounds really good.
  11. KSI Stormie187

    New member

    Welcome to KSI
  12. KSI Stormie187

    Takashi/Sir Rubiks/Royal PIMP

    Hey rubiks. How are you doing?
  13. KSI Stormie187


    Hey my name is Crystal. I am KSI GOLDRANGER7's girlfriend. I am able to get on the website but not on the Xbox. If anyone just wants someone to talk to hum.