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  1. Mr.GoldFish

    do u think battlefield hardline will be good?

    i do to its just it feel like they rushed bf4 so i hope they didnt do the same with this
  2. Mr.GoldFish

    why dose cod suck more and more each game?

    no not punished for proper grammar but punished for pointing out others mistakes cause it hurts me when people do it to me i cant help it that my mind see does as dose. i didnt ask you to proof read my title if i did then it would be ok but no you went out your way to ignore my question and point out a mistake i ****ing hate people like you cause you think everybody should have proper grammar when some of us cant help that our mind shows use a different way a word is spelled ****ing *******
  3. Mr.GoldFish

    why dose cod suck more and more each game?

    well guys im so ****ing sorry tht im a bit dyslectic and get my letter mixed up when i spell some time. god that right there is whyi hate this ****ing web site cause there always has to be the ******* that just has to point out an error. i swear people need to start getting punished for that ****
  4. i want to know why u think cod is getting worse with each game
  5. Mr.GoldFish


    i just completed the the game god is it great
  6. Mr.GoldFish


    i got it on my xbox one and ur friend must have no taste in games cause tis game is outstanding and gorgeous
  7. Mr.GoldFish

    Call duty ghosts

    game sucks
  8. Mr.GoldFish

    im back...love me

    yus its my home ill always be back some how some way ill find my way here
  9. Mr.GoldFish

    im back...love me

    love you too ya turd
  10. Mr.GoldFish

    im back...love me

    im back boooyyyyyy imma try to get my old tag back
  11. Mr.GoldFish

    battlefield 4

    lol ill figure out maybe at the website
  12. Mr.GoldFish

    battlefield 4

  13. Mr.GoldFish

    battlefield 4

    just went 20 and 0 in conquest cause im a sexy beast