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  1. BRUH! Hows it been lately??!

  2. worst thing ever....... making funeral arrangements with the one that is soon to be dead

  3. I wish people would stop slandering my name, im not saying i have the greatest reputation, just keep my name out of your mouth please.

  4. kill people in an honest manner!

  5. KSI ShagNasty 7

    What song are you listening to?

    rhyme or reason, eminem
  6. KSI ShagNasty 7

    For those who love anime <3

    just to make my 100th post i will say cowboy bebop, gantz, and flcl. are a few i have found to be enjoyable.
  7. KSI ShagNasty 7

    Leaders topic

    As a leader of KSI what are your intentions for the clan/community. be honest, bsting and lies are not allowed
  8. KSI ShagNasty 7

    new member

    HI NEW MEMBER!!!!!!!!
  9. KSI ShagNasty 7

    Whats your favorite headset for gaming?

    @deception I love you, you are the greatest!!!!
  10. KSI ShagNasty 7


    biggest reason is they are scared of us, Bwahahaha to those who are scared of us i say It is wise for you to fear the unknown!
  11. I was asked this question while i was taking a vacation in a mental health facility, and my reply was "kill a polar bear with my bare hands and eat it." I was then told that polar bears are an endangered species, that it would be impossible to kill a polar bear without some kind of weapon, and a few other things. the Question asked is "IF you could do ANYTHING what would it be?" no restrictions. so lets see what you guys and gals got!
  12. I need to get a new headset soon and im pretty sure what one im going to get, I just wanted to see what the most popular headset is throughout this gaming community.
  13. KSI ShagNasty 7


  14. KSI ShagNasty 7

    Favorite Sport

    golf is more of a sport than racing