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  1. KSI Saladin 7

    Petition to remove taxes from the forums economy.

    good luck i highly doubt JT will change it
  2. KSI Saladin 7

    Petition to remove taxes from the forums economy.

    what if we had a monthly lottery drawing and have a winner every month based on how much people buy the taxes goes into a like a charity or giveaway
  3. Look more like a great potato head to me lawl

  4. Look more like a great potato head to me lawl

  5. KSI Saladin 7

    Petition to remove taxes from the forums economy.

    No taxation without representation
  6. Hello everyone glad to be back in KSI really like what is going on over here. I was in Fuzzy's KSI joined on 5/20/12 resigned as the 6th Dark Legions Div leader on 2/2/12. im here to redeem my past faults and I hope I have finally found a home I have been doing clans since 2000 15 communities total up to date I think im getting to old for the constant moving lol, I really appreciate the opportunity I was given, I donated 250$ in the past and had 25 to 30 awards but to me those was not the important things happiness is what truly matters to me. iv done this for many years and still plan for many more to come because this is a hobby of mine and also apart of my life im looking forward to prove to everyone here what I am capable of I will do my best I have been around for many years i would like to add that I was the First Division Leader and first Director in all of KSI on Xbox one back in December of 2013 EU Elite Unit and I also witnessed the very first Division split on Xbox one Its an honor to see it last and growing here is my link to an interview of me back then if interested : http://forums.ksiglo.../?hl= ksi doom My goal is to become a hall of fame member someday and share my story's and experience with all that is interested and to be rememberd for it someday thanks all i hope i make it someday Best Regards: KSI Rob Lucci 7
  7. KSI Saladin 7

    Things that Game 7 has done for KSI

    He has a powerful new weapon at his side in his holster I remember having one of those once that was back in namm
  8. KSI Saladin 7

    Elder Scrolls online xbox one

    love this game
  9. KSI Saladin 7

    Adding KSI members for xbox one

    http://forums.ksiglobal.com/forum/122-join-ksi/ click create topic
  10. KSI Saladin 7

    Rainbow six siege squads

    i was told this was a good game i might pick it up
  11. KSI Saladin 7


  12. KSI Saladin 7

    Where's everyone from?

    Findlay ohio area
  13. KSI Saladin 7

    Mentors and our Teachers

    thank you for your stories
  14. KSI Saladin 7

    Who's excited for Game of Thrones!