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  1. rave_night_7

    Presentation of Awards in Profiles

    I was looking at my profile awards and noticed that the spacing over the awards themselves. Picture Below
  2. Hey guys and gals what's up?

  3. rave_night_7

    Destiny 2

    Im going to get it, but only if it doesn't cost a fortune.
  4. rave_night_7

    Adding KSI members for xbox one

    KSI rave nite 7, ( :
  5. rave_night_7

    KSI Sirens Club

    I'm okay with sugar handling it. ( : and its a great club idea.
  6. rave_night_7

    KSI Sirens Club

    I'd be down. Sounds really awesome.
  7. rave_night_7

    Destiny KSI Kik Chat

    there are actually there are a few destiny sqauds in a few divisions now. So... there are alot of chats.lolXD
  8. Lets get to gaming! <3

  9. watching EXO's - Monster Video. le sigh <3

  10. rave_night_7

    My mom

    That is a beautiful poem. I lost my grandmother to cancer. I hope that everything gets better for you and your family.