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  1. KSI_HulkHogan

    List of Rewards for me aka KSI_Johnson_7

    I can witness for the Better with Friends award. Way back in the Treadstone div on PS3, having stocked lobbies was a constant on Black Ops 2. Johnson was host to many of these lobbies. — adding to this: Mentor: Johnson, Poseidon and KSI_LOKI_7 are my mentors. I’ve known Johnny for 5 years. He took me under his wing back in 2013 and to this day still does. This dude is one of the reasons why I was able to win 2 consecutive Generals of the month. That may not sound like a big deal to everyone else reading this but it was a big deal for anyone on PlayStation to receive any recognition at the time from anybody on the website. So doing so, and being able to build upon that success with more is something i’m very proud of. And Johnson was a big factor in that happening, because without him I wouldn’t have been able to be in that position. In my opinion, this man deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. He’s one of the finest leaders KSI has overall, and his resumé speaks for itself. Trainer- The following statement above should be more than enough.
  2. KSI_HulkHogan

    PS4 -Black Ops III?!

    Just in case people forgot, yes KSI is on PS4. Anyone looking to join and game please hit up myself, KSI_Johnson_7 or KSI_POSEIDON_7.
  3. KSI_HulkHogan

    Gamebattles on PS4?

    By gamebattles, do you mean just squading up? Get in PS4 so we can discuss this more in depth.
  4. KSI_HulkHogan

    PS4 -Black Ops III?!

    Just a heads up! PlayStation 4 is alive & kicking! Looking to join? Hit me up and i'll get you set up. We roll on BO3, Destiny and Rocket League, come play with us today!
  5. The Ultimate Opportunist.

  6. KSI_HulkHogan

    PS4 -Black Ops III?!

    I have returned to KSI. Johnson and Poseidon have restarted the division, and if you'd like to join please hit myself, Johnson or Poseidon up.
  7. KSI_HulkHogan

    PS4 -Black Ops III?!

    I'd just would like to make it abundantly clear that I am no longer running the PS4 side of KSI and I am not a member of KSI. I quit due to the lack of time I have for KSI. From what I understand, KSI_Baitman has been running things in my place. Please talk to him about KSI. I valued my time in KSI and I enjoyed being apart of this community, but I felt it was time to move on.
  8. KSI_HulkHogan

    Star wars VII

    Calm your nipples, guy.
  9. KSI_HulkHogan

    Star wars VII

    I'm not clicking on it. I'm just posting this to tell you that you are a D***. Edited By .Proxy
  10. Supreme Destruction is officially no more. KSI on PS4 is now known as IMMORTAL LEGION. Our first squad is VENGEANCE. Absolutely stoked and cant wait to get things rolling.

    1. PFC Link

      PFC Link

      Okay, good luck.

    2. KSI_HulkHogan


      Thanks a ton for your support, señor.

    3. rave_night_7
  11. KSI_HulkHogan

    Playstation 4

    Please, add me on PS4 if you want to join. Look us up on the community page, KSI GLOBAL VENGEANCE IL
  12. KSI_HulkHogan

    Playstation 4

    Kik would be fine, brother.
  13. KSI_HulkHogan

    Playstation 4

    Hey guys! For all new members of KSI who are interested in joining the PS4 division, please talk to me. We play Destiny and I am trying to set up something for Black Ops 3. Add me @KSI_HulkHogan. Thanks! Any questions? Hit me up on the fourms or PS4.
  14. KSI_HulkHogan

    PS4 -Black Ops III?!

    Thanks! I really appreciate that.