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  1. KSI_Johnson_7

    KSI Courts Overhaul Announcement

    I am interested in applying. Can you drop a link here for that so, I can go post my application? Everything above sounds awesome. I look forward to getting a chance to possibly work with you on this.
  2. KSI_Johnson_7

    List of Rewards for me aka KSI_Johnson_7

    Whatever happened to these awards? I forgot about them until today.
  3. KSI_Johnson_7

    List of Rewards for me aka KSI_Johnson_7

    @Crusader 7 would you be willing to be a witness for the director and above stuff from above? We didn't ever have a director or senior director in Treadstone. @KSI POSEIDON 7 and, I just reported to Game 7 who was co creator and/or COO or something like that. I think he may still be on the forums here. I am not sure how you feel about involving him as he is the 2 in .gg, although we are still on good terms so, I will leave it up to you guys if we need to have Game witness. Do you guys want me to remove the gamer score ones as is it seems like there will need to be a different set of awards for PlayStation? If I may add my two cents on that though, it would be cool to have one for 500+ trophies, 1,000+ trophies, etc. I attached my trophies above but, I send it where you need me to, if it helps out.
  4. KSI_Johnson_7

    List of Rewards for me aka KSI_Johnson_7

    As for the better with friends award, @KSI_HulkHogan, @KSI POSEIDON 7, @KSI_Sparknet, and @KSI_211 can attest to this.
  5. KSI_Johnson_7

    List of Rewards for me aka KSI_Johnson_7

    I am attaching my platinum trophy and the total number of trophies I have on this account. PlayStation doesn't do a point system, it's more of a trophy count, which are harder to get than points because you have to do specific in game content rather than just getting points for playing anything. Can we do some sort of substitution for the PlayStation conversion for these awards?
  6. KSI_Johnson_7

    List of Rewards for me aka KSI_Johnson_7

    Nope, I will remove the outstanding service ones.
  7. KSI_Johnson_7

    List of Rewards for me aka KSI_Johnson_7

    I don't see a requirements section under the service awards. Am I looking in the wrong spot? All I see is what the award is awarded for.... As for the others, I will work on getting the screenshots you requested and witnesses you requested. If you can direct me to the location of the ones that need witnesses, I will be more than happy to bring forth the people to which the award applies.
  8. -------------------------------------------------------------- Gamertag: (Requirement) KSI_Johnson_7 Link to Forums Account:(Requirement) https://forums.ksiglobal.com/profile/44068-ksi_johnson_7/ Awards/Achievements:(Requirement) Committed to Loyalist Squad splitter Division Creator Resurrection Innovator Jack of All Trades Party Planner Officer Mentor Role Model Better with Friends Gamer Score Horder Achievement Junkie Trainer Humanitarian Slice of Kered Cake KSI Chaoticz I love my 7's Battlefield 1 Call of Duty: Black Ops III Destiny Rainbow Six Seige Witnesses or Proof: (Requirement) (If for any reason you are finding difficulty posting evidence/proof please contact one of our AAP representatives marked with a Gold member group Tag) If you need witnesses, let me know and, I will get whoever I need to witness for me. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  9. KSI_Johnson_7

    Failure at Life

  10. KSI_Johnson_7

    PS4 COD AW ?

    I am on right now if you would like to add me. KSI_Johnson_7 is my gamertag.
  11. KSI_Johnson_7

    2014 Fantasy Football

    I am down too. My Tread Stone Division ranks attained are as follows: Private - Assassin Squad Sergeant - Assassin Squad Lieutenant - Assassin Squad Captain - Assassin Squad Major - Assassin Squad General - Soldiers Squad Co-Founder Founder Co-Division Leader Division Leader
  12. KSI_Johnson_7

    What to do with Pika?

    Hello, I am KSI_Johnson_7 and, I am the founder and general of supremacy squad in trend stone division. I would be more than happy to help you get reacquainted with clan ops on Playstation 4. If you would like to join us, please send KSI_Johnson_7 a friend request on the Playstation network and, I will discuss things further with you. Thanks, KSI_Johnson_7 / KSI_DeathDealer
  13. KSI_Johnson_7

    T-S Off Topic

    Do I have any cool awards? Guess not! I just thought I would check.
  14. KSI_Johnson_7

    I've Returned Home-KSI COLETRAIN 7

    I am back home. I have been in trend stone for a while now and, we are officially back home.
  15. KSI_Johnson_7


    This is KSI_Johnson_7, for anyone who doesn't have that account, I am also KSI_DeathDealer