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  1. KSI_Johnson_7

    KSI Courts Overhaul Announcement

    I am interested in applying. Can you drop a link here for that so, I can go post my application? Everything above sounds awesome. I look forward to getting a chance to possibly work with you on this.
  2. KSI_Johnson_7

    Failure at Life

  3. KSI_Johnson_7

    PS4 COD AW ?

    I am on right now if you would like to add me. KSI_Johnson_7 is my gamertag.
  4. KSI_Johnson_7

    2014 Fantasy Football

    I am down too. My Tread Stone Division ranks attained are as follows: Private - Assassin Squad Sergeant - Assassin Squad Lieutenant - Assassin Squad Captain - Assassin Squad Major - Assassin Squad General - Soldiers Squad Co-Founder Founder Co-Division Leader Division Leader
  5. KSI_Johnson_7

    What to do with Pika?

    Hello, I am KSI_Johnson_7 and, I am the founder and general of supremacy squad in trend stone division. I would be more than happy to help you get reacquainted with clan ops on Playstation 4. If you would like to join us, please send KSI_Johnson_7 a friend request on the Playstation network and, I will discuss things further with you. Thanks, KSI_Johnson_7 / KSI_DeathDealer
  6. KSI_Johnson_7

    T-S Off Topic

    Do I have any cool awards? Guess not! I just thought I would check.
  7. KSI_Johnson_7

    I've Returned Home-KSI COLETRAIN 7

    I am back home. I have been in trend stone for a while now and, we are officially back home.
  8. KSI_Johnson_7


    This is KSI_Johnson_7, for anyone who doesn't have that account, I am also KSI_DeathDealer