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  1. Let chaos proceed disorder. 

  2. Sometimes I wonder what happened... 

  3. A Phantom is always observant, always here. Pondering things others question and disregard. Always here to those who seek help. 


  4. Long live the Phantom.

  5. Long live the Phantom.

  6. RT @PaneraBProbs: When you realize you're the extra person working and you don't really have a designated module https://t.co/TRBzgz4ykA

  7. Overheard: Lizzie: You always see the worst in people. Ciel: Yeah, because people are the worst. https://t.co/blwchNFUVs

  8. RT @lilbdabrookegod: When they make your managers day bake (im cackling and my manager is crying) #paneraprobs https://t.co/tuaG68QVEE

  9. Resigning from KSI Global, any questions, please don't hesitate to message me on kik at nicholasbrandow

  10. I wonder where all the Rp'ers from the last time I was here went, oh well. I am going to lye here and wait #OpenRP

  11. If we get back sooner I will tell you

  12. Off to the International Trade Show today #2016YBS See you all there https://t.co/OOsz94HoJx

  13. I have no ideas left, yet feel a use, I have no place left to go, but feel bound to a life. Life is meaningless, yet wonderful

  14. The world has officially begun counting her last days. I fear that this is just the beginning of the end

  15. Someone one day asked me why I was so strong, and I told him that I was strong because I have lost people close to me.

  16. RT @saraschaefer1: A man who makes the face of a child in time out is def president material https://t.co/nyTkQkJZsN

  17. "Good luck is for the sheep, such frail objects, good skill is for the wolf, such proud hunters" ~Nicholas Brandow

  18. Loyalty to the extreme.

  19. Phantom LE

    C++ Classes for Beginners

    This post was from a long time ago, if you are still interested in it, please PM me. Sincerely, Phantom LE Major of Remnants KB Court Judge
  20. Phantom LE

    C++ Classes for Beginners

    I am going to be having a class on how to program with some basic commands and such. I will be helping those who are wanting to learn or those who need to learn it. Just leave your Skype and a time that suits you best and I will get in contact with you all.