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  1. iiN VeiN

    CoD Ghosts Clan

    I'm looking to play ghosts competitively with a good squad. Is there anything like that already?
  2. iiN VeiN

    CoD Ghosts Clan

    Sweet. Anyone know who I can add to get an invite?
  3. iiN VeiN

    CoD Ghosts Clan

    Yeah. It's a new feature. I want to get a bunch of KSI members who play Ghosts to join 1 clan on there. It would help get us up the leaderboards.
  4. iiN VeiN

    CoD Ghosts Clan

    Looking to start playing Ghosts with a bunch of people. You can have up to 100 members in the clans, so I'm hoping to find some people that what to play. Hit me up on XBL if you are interested. iiN VeiN