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  1. @KSI MsNaughty 7 are you from Tennessee cuz you're the only ten i see haha XD

  2. Nefarious_Hyena

    KSI YouTube channel

    We should get that channel up and running more more vids more interviews game play commentarys funny moments stuff like that
  3. Nefarious_Hyena

    How do I........

    Hey guys from warfare play ghost u can ask KSI HUNTER VII I play also just add me my gt is the samw as my namw
  4. Nefarious_Hyena

    My favorite sports teams :D!

    Steelers, All blacks, Clippers, Red socks, chivas (soccer), and idk what's left lol
  5. Nefarious_Hyena

    NFL 2013 Chat

    I really can't brag much since my Steelers aren't doing so hot but with 6 rings we can let the rest of the teams try for one ring lol jk
  6. Nefarious_Hyena

    NBA 2013-2014 Season Discussion

    I'm a huge clippers fan because I'm from LA and I hate hate hate the heat lol I hope ur right!