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  1. coming home from getting dinner, I see a crow hopping around. Next I see it fly away and it only has one leg. Felt so bad for it :( so sad

  2. We got a chicken and bacon pasta for dinner. One of those heat-up for 5 minutes and add sauce. Tasted like *******...disgusting

  3. Felt like crap all day, and the fact I thought it was a good idea to not relax in gym was a bad idea. XP

  4. According to VSauce3, a FusRoDah would kill you and the person instantly. A large one would open a black hole bigger then the known universe

  5. Testing out cap-card N64. OoT MST learning: http://t.co/DTkdbMQow1

  6. just watched the canucks game highlights...and luongo blows yet another game for them

  7. And Boston holds onto first in the east with another win!

  8. And looks like the @NHLBruins will hold on to First place in the East conference if @LAKings can hold onto a 5-2 lead!!

    1. KSI l Boston l

      KSI l Boston l

      hell yea 2Us 2Ks 2 points baby

  9. Buying stuff online with paypal is harder then pre calc....

  10. OoT Saturday night bingo: First go!! I suck xp: http://t.co/iOw7Q8GXWd

  11. you know its a nice night when you can see Jupiter through your bedroom window :)

  12. RT @chuggaaconroy: I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but it seems like typical YouTube fashion to release a feature to millions of people be…

  13. The bad part about animes, or just any show in general, is that there is always an end to them... -.-

    1. Anatomy <3

      Anatomy <3

      I agree...I never wanted Ouran Highschool Host Clud to end D:

    2. Not Here Anymore Go Away
    3. Blasé


      :o noooo i love OHHC