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  1. KSI xPrOxKiLlAx

    Share Your Rig

    Brand/Manufacturer: I built it Operating System:Windows 7 ultimate CPU/Processor: AMD Vishera FX-9590 8 core 4.7 Ghz ((clocked to 5.0)) RAM:16gig CL 8 1600 base clock ((2400 over clocked)) Rippjaw GPU: EVGA Nvida GTX 660 Superclocked Hard Drive: 1TB Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 Primary Uses: Gaming Additional Comments:
  2. KSI xPrOxKiLlAx

    Rowdy is back!

    Welcome back!
  3. KSI xPrOxKiLlAx

    Intro into the Pro KIlla!

    Thanks guys n gals ;p
  4. KSI xPrOxKiLlAx

    Steam Users :D

    sstatixx ****ing love day z been playing final fantasy 14
  5. KSI xPrOxKiLlAx

    Intro into the Pro KIlla!

    Thank you and yeah i found out what the issue was i miss typed my email to gmial lol
  6. KSI xPrOxKiLlAx

    Intro into the Pro KIlla!

    Hi im das pro killa aka the legendary prodigy sniper killer