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  1. Only 3 more classes left until finals lets get this semester done!!!!!

  2. Well GFs gonr for a couple weeks guess that means im gunna have to spend more time with SR Warfare!!!!

  3. New Captain in SR Warfare feeling pretty good

  4. KSI l Boston l

    Battlefield or Call Of Duty

    Cod, even though they have been getting progressively worse since MW2 but the maps are smaller making it easier to find people and I don't really like all the destruction in the maps in BF, yea I can understand like a wall or something but a whole building changes everything, Also hate having vehicles or planes I think its just a place for people to go to get kills who cant get any with a gun, the only cod I played with vehicles was Waw and it was too easy to go on long killstreaks with the tank. I am a mostly rush player with good gun skill so I cant sit back in BF and pick people, I cant stand playing on huge maps with more than 6 ppl, especially if the people know each other and team up.
  5. KSI l Boston l

    thankful for what? you fill in the blank

    I am thankful for my family and friends, my KSI family, and especially my girlfriend of nearly 5 years, without these people I don't know what I would do, they allow me to have fun throughout the day and not care about what other people think. I love you all and hope this lasts for a long time.
  6. KSI l Boston l

    Anyone here that can make a website?

    More like a place to run seasons and modes like gm connected, I mean I have made rules for seasons online an offline, I just don't have the technological savvy to make a site on my own, it would be a place to get more people to join the site and another way to play games online with people because after a while any game can get boring.
  7. KSI l Boston l

    Anyone here that can make a website?

    nice would there be like sports games on it? please say yes
  8. KSI l Boston l

    Anyone here that can make a website?

    I was part of a league on nhlon360.com and it was fun but it fell apart I wanted to create a league for sports games imitating that league but making it better, people owned teams, there were drafts, minor league teams, trades free agents, and schedules were random, and stats and awards were given out. If someone could help me make a site I would give them full credit for the site and could get people into the site, would get bigger by year. It would be something that would be played a couple nights a week and wouldn't affect KSI scheduling.
  9. KSI l Boston l

    Anyone here that can make a website?

    The title may seem misleading I do not want to create a site to compete with KSI but one that could partner with KSI for games KSI really doesn't have people represent in. I would have the site for sports games and I know there is a head hunters league on another site but maybe in the future I would include Cod and Battlefield and Halo as a o site league. I want a site like Gb but a site that everyone is so friendly that you don't need to take proof, but a site that is competitive. Post up if you could help me or if KSI as a whole would be interested in partnering with my site if I ever get it up and running.
  10. KSI l Boston l

    NHL 14, FIFA 14 or Madden 25

    If anyone has any of these games and would want to start a club or play sometime post up a gt on here or send me a friend request or message my tag is KSI l Boston l those are Ls
  11. KSI l Boston l

    Recently Joined

    Welcome to KSI im not in your division but just wanted to welcome you to the site and KSI family
  12. KSI l Boston l

    Should KSI start its own Pro team?

    To be honest we can get rep by making squads party up to 6 ppl or a full lobby and kick butt in public matches and by not talking smack to people, win show class and don't talk smack and people who are playing on the other side will notice, I just wanted to point out that if we do have a pro team which it has been made apparent then they should be playing GB not going to tourneys on no name sites like paulscodshack.com.
  13. KSI l Boston l

    WHAts your fav song

    Wake Me Up - Avicii
  14. KSI l Boston l

    hello all

    Minddrop my teammate tho whats up buddy, good to see you on the forums
  15. KSI l Boston l

    Should KSI start its own Pro team?

    That is true but GB also has the best talent in gamers in the US and the world so if the KSI team isn't doing anything but playing public matches then going to tourneys, I don't think its fair to them to expect tourney wins when they will be facing teams off of gb who only play MLG rules and only play top teams.