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    Growing in leadership within KSI and helping out every member, treating each as equal.

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  1. New Major over SR Warfare

  2. KSI HoodRich

    Should KSI start its own Pro team?

    I've done hardcore before On game battles, they should still have it and yeah we should and going to see about getting it set up for SR
  3. KSI HoodRich

    Should KSI start its own Pro team?

    Well start up new gamebattles with a clean slate and members, have a hardcore and core for the cods in each division... and a team from eachother game division on xbox and ps3 / xboxone and ps4
  4. KSI HoodRich

    Should KSI start its own Pro team?

    Id say have a gamebattles team of the top 4 or six players of each division, have tryouts for the team and then teams up to see what we have then move on from there.
  5. ︻╦╤─Never forget where you came from and always remember where you are heading─╤╦︻

  6. I said that I’ma ride for my mother****ing homies, most likely I’ma die with my finger on the trigger I been grinding outside, all day with my homies And I ain’t going in, unless I'm with my homie

  7. KSI HoodRich

    Favorite Genre

    Dubstep / Trap / Rap Baauer, Crimes!, UZ, Sadhu, HeroesxVillians, etc
  8. KSI HoodRich

    Squad subforums

    I like the idea, as long as it's easy to find for new members and used actively...not a bad idea
  9. KSI HoodRich

    What's A Community To You?

    A community to me is a group of people who are committed in building a strong yet loyal group of people who share the same interests in bettering themselves and others in gaming as well as in the growth of the community, a good set of leaders to help others exceed as well to be a part of just about everything that one can at the rank that they are holding.
  10. KSI HoodRich

    Whats good everyone?

    Welcome back
  11. New SR Warfare 1LT.

    1. KSI Majestic 7

      KSI Majestic 7

      congrats buddy, you deserve it!

    2. KSI HoodRich

      KSI HoodRich

      Thanks again and I will represent to the fullest and help keep us as active and in the loop as possible, got 4 more recruits since I got appointed LT.

  12. My team got 2nd in todays 4v4 tournament, go SR!

  13. KSI HoodRich

    Whats good everyone?

    I am proud to say I am a newer member to KSI in SR Warfare, I joined 11/11/2013 and I must say I have loved every minute of it. I am and will continue to work my hardest to help improve and assist members with anything needed as well as building our numbers. I dont plan on ever leaving so I would say I am certainly in this for the long run... KSI HoodRich