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    xbox one games your looking forward to

    Halo, Thief, Titanfall, Watch dogs.
  3. xV0LKx

    What is your favourite Halo?

    Got to be ODST! Playing as a Marine fighting the covy *******s that the Spartans do alone just like a Spartan but you are just a highly trained man looking to kick butt.
  4. xV0LKx

    Kilo-Five Ends!

    there is three books written by Karen Traviss called the Kilo-Five series, these three book talk about what is happening after halo 3 and goes into somethings that have to do with a little background on halo 4. the first book is called Halo: Glasslands the second is called Halo: The Thursday war and the last one is Halo: mortal dictate that one came out today. the books fallow the story of a ONI spec Ops team called Kilo Five this team is made up of Captain Serin Osman of ONI, who would have been a Spartan- II now if the program hadn't nearly killed her, and Sangheili cultural expert Professor Evan Phillips; ODST Marines Staff Sergeant Mal Geffen; Corporal Vasily Beloi; and Sergeant Lian Devereaux; and a Spartan- II, Naomi-010. They also have two Huragok on board, Requires Adjustment, aka Adj, and Leaks Repaired, known as Leaks and cant forget the trusty AI Black-Box or BB as the crew has come to call him. but that is just a small part of the book you also are thrown in to the world of Sangheilios where you see the story told by a sangheili you may know already, one jul' Mdama who trys to find out where a cult called the servants of the abiding truth are getting the weapons from. can you guess who is supplying them? That is just a little bit about them if you like to know more ask or you can go here to read about somethings you may not have known about halo. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/Halo_Novels
  5. xV0LKx

    Kilo-Five Ends!

    So who is pumped to see how the last book ends?? lets talk Halo Universe here.