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    If light cannot escape me, what hope have you?

    From void and shadow, I assemble, your future ends...

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  1. hadn't heard from ya forever bro hows agoin?

    1. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      It’s all good brotha! Rippin cod these days and in the midst of starting a family, how are you doing man ?

    2. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      Add my current tag to chill Deeceptionz

  2. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

    Your Top 3 KSI Leaders of All Time?

    2005 /06 KSI J3 2008 KSI Stylez 2012 KSI Certifiedx7
  3. Tired of being what you want me to be


  4. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

    Big D poo's

    clicking the link in the first post will bring you to the xbox dvr clip
  5. You talk about success like its just a destination

    Wishing every day for something doesnt count as dedication

    Your head too high to smell the roses, nails too clean to do the dishes

  6. Just having **** dawn on me...


    You were my gen in outlaw H2 :o

  7. rockin chicken dinners for dayyyyzzz

  8. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

    Whaz up

    Hey hows it going man, welcome aboard !
  9. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  10. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

    Winner winner chicken dinner