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  1. rockin chicken dinners for dayyyyzzz

  2. Admin Request Box.

    Hey Derek ! Thanks for your quick response and informative message the color I would like is: html style="color:#DAF7A6;"style="color:#FFC300;"style="color:#FF5733;"style="color:#C70039;"style="color:#900C3F;"style="color:#581845;") and can I switch it up from Deity to: Celestial Chaos
  3. Admin Request Box.

    Thank you so so much ! you da maaaan
  4. Admin Request Box.

    Prior to the changes made where you are now dark blue (web ops director) I had a personal group. December 2013 there was a Christmas challenge and ive had the honor of having my personal group for 4 years now. It was called "Deity" and the color was a shade of purple darker than the twitch team Kered was the gentleman who granted me this permission/group but Game/chaotics/cali and nexus (infinite) can attest for this as well. Can you help me out with that poot?
  5. Admin Request Box.

    During the cleanup and re-arrangements of groups and color changes made in recent events - ive lost my personal group. Requesting my previous role as deity in purple
  6. Whaz up

    Hey hows it going man, welcome aboard !
  7. Winner winner chicken dinner

  8. Winner winner chicken dinner

  9. Winner winner chicken dinner

    who's playing PUGB on Xbox one these days ? Cant say ive ever been a big fan of these types of games but my cousin and I got it Monday and weve been rippin for a few hours a day! I got my first place two days ago "WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER" !!! WOOOOOOOOOT despite my halo skills this game is nothing like any other shooter ive played and I'm not the greatest yet. but..... if you play and need a m8 for dubs or squad hit me up GT: KSI Big D Discord: Mistah Peppah #4024 PM ME HERE RaWwwRRrrr XD
  10. Im Back

    yessir! new or old returning members will have to go through the application process that is in the join section. If you get lost or need any assistance feel free to reach me here, a PM or via discord that can be found in my profile Happy to be of any assistance my good sir' -Lee
  11. Im Back

    Heyy welcome back ! hope college went well and you enjoy your time here in KSI again
  12. Auto correct Selim to Selina lolllll