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  1. KSI Angelzz

    MSs NAUGHTY has Returned

    Hey there nice to meet. U for the first time I am KSI Angelz and I am hoping I can play with u some time
  2. KSI Angelzz

    i want to see what hidden photoshop/gfx skills are in ksi

    im an editor for videos lol i would mess the picture up so bad
  3. Are my videos worthy of the production team?????

    1. Anatomy <3

      Anatomy <3

      Intoxicated and myself are talking about it currently, we will get back with on it as soon as we can :D <3

  4. KSI Angelzz


    Hey everyone i am Angelz and i have recently joined ksi. So far ksi has been the best clan i have been in people are so nice and funny. Also, i am currently trying to make money so i can change my name to show i am very serious about KSI. If you guys wanna play with me on xbox message me : DaZe Angelz this is my gamertag til i change it i will hopefully change it to KSI Angelz
  5. KSI Angelzz


    hey everyone my names Angelz and i joined ksi yesterday i am Sr warfare and i am a recruit currently i am trying to change my name to show i am serious about this so far already this is the nicest clan i have been with and you guys are amazing