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  1. KSI Cronus 7

    Black Ops 2

    Not when I join in on the other team and kill you lol
  2. KSI Cronus 7

    Blacklist on the forums

    Then have them keep it current they can do it if its one thing in KSI i've learned its to trust your leaders to keep you informed
  3. KSI Cronus 7

    Blacklist on the forums

    Ya I agree a link to cms may be useful but not when its down so having a blacklist on the forums would help a lot more
  4. KSI Cronus 7

    Blacklist on the forums

    I think the blacklist needs to be added to the forums for all KSI member to see and know who and what clans they can commuincated with.
  5. KSI Cronus 7


    How about instead of putting a link to the cms in the conversation you put in a tab on the forums for all KSI members to see the blacklist or as it was already said put the blacklist on the forums.
  6. KSI Cronus 7


    Ya I agree this needs to more clear and blacklist also needs to be on the forums like a list hence the name blacklist for all member to see so they know who they can comunicate with and who they can't.
  7. Peace within KSI

    1. Anatomy <3

      Anatomy <3

      I dream for this one day as well

    2. KSI Cronus 7

      KSI Cronus 7

      Yup can't wait for that day