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  1. .Itz Overz

    A Blast From The Past!!!!

    @MSs NAUGHTY Glad to see you around wish i saw you on the xbox 1.
  2. .Itz Overz

    Youtube Channel (New)

    ill hit you up later and help you come up with some ideas
  3. .Itz Overz

    BACK and LOST

    talk to KSI Cali 7
  4. .Itz Overz

    Xbox 360 Destiny Squad?

    Vandal is the only destiny squad on 360.
  5. .Itz Overz


    Moved to Watercooler/Spam.
  6. .Itz Overz

    11 year vet looking to get back active to KSI probably on the PS4

    forgotten get with no shana squad wasnt shut down actually
  7. .Itz Overz


    I feel if your looking for KSI History u can wait till we finish our project to the public on wiki. That will be the biggest way to make sure all facts are solid and true.
  8. .Itz Overz

    Looking for a new squad (ex Wicked)

    Your on the wrong KSI Site your looking for KSIForums.org
  9. For one CN wasnt a halo 2 division it was a COD Division along with a mixture of Halo 3
  10. .Itz Overz

    KarasuSenshi's Introduction

    Welcome back buddy
  11. Please go and Sub to the new Youtube Need 100 Subs for custom URL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwYLm_VCDbhHp8qPkeXN4qA

  12. .Itz Overz

    Star wars VII

    Closing topic. Give people a full week from release day to watch the movie before making a post about it. @TheTryhardTroll
  13. .Itz Overz

    Hey guys

    Welcome buddy
  14. .Itz Overz

    Whats up guys

    Welcome to KSI
  15. .Itz Overz

    halo 5 grind

    Can't wait for a xbox1 the it's halo and bo3 for the win
  16. .Itz Overz

    i was recruted on xbox but now im on ps4 whats next?

    Please inform me which division on 360 u was in. Thank you ~ .Proxy ~
  17. .Itz Overz

    Im KSI XxB4DA5SxX

    Please fill out a rejoin app so we may get u placed
  18. .Itz Overz

    Anime and Manga Recommendations

    Dragon Ball Super is pretty good right now also
  19. .Itz Overz


    Thank you JT
  20. .Itz Overz

    Need new anime to watch.

    Watch 7 Deadly Sins on netflix bro
  21. .Itz Overz

    KSI LOGO Missing

    Only a few groups have it to make it unique
  22. .Itz Overz


    He isnt new to the forums ether
  23. .Itz Overz


    yeah but when it comes to him there also the discussion of racism to be brought up,and i feel that completely should be avoided.
  24. .Itz Overz


    this topic needs to be closed cause theres way to many people who cant handle a proper discussion and it will turn into a fight
  25. .Itz Overz

    KSI Twitch

    trying to find out if game has the offical one we use to have. if so i need to get it from him too