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  1. Please go and Sub to the new Youtube Need 100 Subs for custom URL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwYLm_VCDbhHp8qPkeXN4qA

  2. KB is Master Race <3<3<3<3 KB Pride is serious.

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    2. KSIxCuddlyxVII


      all I'm saying is bobby might start another regime involving a master race again

    3. KSI Cthulhu

      KSI Cthulhu

      You mean the KB master race?? Im in.

    4. KSIxCuddlyxVII


      no cthulhu its a trap!!!!


  3. OMG im so tired of people crying over things not going there way.Theres 7.3+ billion people in this world. Everything is not about you and what you want. Grow Up! #Facts #Stopcrying #Suckitup

    1. PFC Link

      PFC Link

      Desho (Agree)

    2. Phantom LE
    3. KSI GreenRedMan

      KSI GreenRedMan

      Don't need to fight about it.

  4. This is a great month for KSI. It has been great. :)

  5. I think we should unban KSI Old Man 7's Account and grant him his proper Hall Of Fame Award on his Birthday

  6. Had fun with my brother and my family.I love you guys so much. I know im not the easyest to guide but i will always love you guys Keith Hernandez Joshua Adam Eileen Rosario mom and dad.

  7. Happy Birthday to my brother Keith Hernandez . I love you bro.We have been through alot together,and u been my side through the hardest and some of the best times of my life. You have had a great year,and im very proud of you.So I wish u more luck and love for your 26th year of life.Keep up the positive vibe for this year.

  8. To everyone that has wished me a happy birthday thank you means alot

    1. rave_night_7


      Happy belated birthday!

  9. **** my birthday is in 4 days and i got nothing sad face no money no nothing to chill cant wait to atleast go chill with my brother keith in these coming days just to see him turn 26 is going to be nice and fun its been a hell of a year for him

  10. Im glad my Pats Won Yay number 4 for brady

  11. 4 years ago i lost my one and only son Aiden. I love you and will never forget you . RIP Aiden M Torres

  12. 4 years ago i lost my one and only son Aiden. I love your and will never forget you . RIP Aiden M Torres

  13. I know nobody will read my status but sometimes, when I'm bored, I get wrapped up in a sleeping bag and lather butter all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending I'm a slug. lol

    1. KSIxCuddlyxVII


      You know I will man

    2. Phantom LE

      Phantom LE

      I feel the same, that's why I post random stuff most the time


    3. rave_night_7
  14. Feeling down cant sleep. My son would have been 5 on Oct 9th why did he have to leave me at such a young age. I love and miss you. RIP Aiden Matthew Torres you will forever be loved and missed. :(

    1. Phantom LE

      Phantom LE

      I feel ya, my sister passed away when she and I were both young.

    2. rave_night_7


    Please stop believing other sources google has its own way of wording things that facebook has no control over please read, and follow links.

  16. Ellie Goulding - Burn = Such a great song love it #musicflow #EllieGoulding

  17. Yes a job interview tomorrow now to land it. Let's go

  18. Omg i have some of the best friends in the world i love you guys just know it u guys needed to hear it. Joshua Kynigos Khoury , Keith Hernandez , José A. Marrero, Eric Plemons, Eric Gabaldon. You are all family to me.

  19. Last Day For my phone to work So hit me up here or on Kik @ lacisyhp

  20. Last Day For my phone to work So hit my up here or on Kik @ lacisyhp