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  1. KSI Jaded 7

    I AM BACK!!

    Hey what's up everyone, I am back. Took a year off to get my groove back, and now ready to go head strong !!
  2. KSI Jaded 7

    What Are You Watching?

    Amime- Fairy Tail TV- NCIS, Baby Daddy(very funny show btw), and So You Think You Can Dance
  3. KSI Jaded 7

    your favorite song(s)

    Well this is very hard for me because I love music. It would be very hard for me to make a list of 5 top songs. For now I will list my Number 1 top song and update the list on a later date lol. Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry
  4. KSI Jaded 7


    Welcome to Caliber, and the forums side. Hope you enjoy your time in KSI!!
  5. KSI Jaded 7

    What song are you listening to?