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  1. wondering about rejoining

  2. KSI Servo 7

    Sega Genesis Flashback

    People might want to avoid these until reviews come out as the atgames consoles have a issue with audio. The other thing is the NES Classic did not fail they discontinued it to make it maintain its popularity Nintendo will bring it back again this Holiday season, limiting supply makes it more popular.
  3. Hey Servo, when you get the chance would you please contact me. I would like to discuss the reasoning of my appeal being denied. I know it is official but the reasoning is invalid.... 

    kik- zima.sebastian98

    email [email protected]

    Xbox One- KSI Exclusives

  4. KSI Servo 7

    Favourite TV show of all time?

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Office
  5. Haha still kicking around?

  6. KSI Servo 7

    KSI lucipher IV returns!

    Welcome back
  7. KSI Servo 7


    Welcome back
  8. KSI Servo 7

    Train coming through

  9. KSI Servo 7

    Been a long time

    Welcome back...I remember you, Im still friends with you on facebook lol
  10. KSI Servo 7

    Error in Code of Conduct

    Shows up fine for me... http://forums.ksiglobal.com/index.php?app=cp&do=show&pageId=2 You sure you was going to the right site.. The other ksi. Org has only 10 rules. When viewing the page go to the bottom and select view Web page in full and then go to ksi drop down at the top
  11. KSI Servo 7

    NHL Playoffs

    Yep my team the Blues are still in
  12. KSI Servo 7

    Unauthorized modifications?

    Modifying games to artificially inflate your abilities on games such as rapid fire or cheating
  13. KSI Servo 7

    What song are you listening to?

    LIstening to some of the stuff i listened to in High School,2003