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  1. KSI Rapture V

    KSI MoTIoNz

    Send a message to KSI DurtyDemon7 or KSI LAZAR 77 and tell them Rapture sent you.
  2. KSI Rapture V

    New here dont know how this all works

    Hello! Welcome! You can hit me up on live aswell if you would like. GT: KSI Rapture V
  3. KSI Rapture V

    Yo whats up everyone

    Alittle late for me but welcome and yes we are family and they get along fine... Well the happy ones! LOL!!! But really we here are awesome and we'll get along fine.
  4. KSI Rapture V


    Yes. Welcome back!
  5. KSI Rapture V

    UNKOWN is here...

    Hello. Nice to meet you. Lol.
  6. KSI Rapture V

    KSI MoTIoNz

    Welcome back!
  7. KSI Rapture V

    I'm new

    Those are questions you would usually ask your squad leader or one of the community staff. I can also answer a few while im here. KSI is a gaming community with over 3k members. We here try to keep you up to date with al the hot trends and topics concering gaming. On consoles such Xbox or PlayStation(the most common) we offer weekly events, tournements, and competitions to step up your game and compete for prizes such as games, headsets, DLC's, etc. Also yes, there are competitive team either with your fellow div members or with the KSI Community as a whole. Speaking of Squads and Divisions, there arecalot of people and operations to manage within KSI, so most of us are split into squads and so many squads are placed within a division. There is alot more explaining, but if you would like to get involved with KSI operation on Console. Feel free to contact my Div-Leader, KSI LAZAR 77, and he will hook you up with a squad where you'll get to meet new people and have more fun participating in the various activities they have to offer. Good luck and welcome, I wish you the best and hope you will enjoy yourself here with us at KSI Global ~ KSI Rapture V - TRINITY FS SGT
  8. KSI Rapture V

    KSI Rapture V

    BO2, BF4, and GTA5. But I only play on the weekends because I have school and work. And even then I will probably be inactive. Not a big gamer anymore.
  9. KSI Rapture V

    Song Game Wats Your Fav Songs

    Saliva - Always
  10. KSI Rapture V


    Hey and welcome back. See you on Live! KSI Rapture V, TRINITY FS SGT
  11. KSI Rapture V

    KSI Rapture V

    Hello everyone! Im KSI Rapture V. I transfered from KSI United due to complication with one of the senior directors, but that not important. After months of grief for all of that hard work I put into United. I decided to join Global because after having a conversation with KSI Durtydemon7 he was really convincing and I hope I will be able to help out and stay with you guys for a while. I have alot to offer, but the only thing is I have to go to school and always have tons of work so I am only available on console during the week ends. Thanks guys!