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  1. KSI Special187

    KSI Special187 Iz back

    Well i look forward to speaking with you and helping bring SR back to the glory days it once was.
  2. KSI Special187

    KSI Special187 Iz back

    yea i used to play halo all the time i miss it i have halo 4 and alright shoot me a FR and we can play
  3. KSI Special187

    KSI Special187 Iz back

    alright i play both so ill shoot that FR to ya
  4. KSI Special187

    What song are you listening to?

    this is different but im hooked on it for past couple days, the black dude is off the chains with the beatbox http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJ_MGWio-vc
  5. KSI Special187

    KSI Special187 Iz back

    yea i rememeber tk, i forgot what i was in i was co founder over one in halo and got up to gen in cod. I miss having all the friends to play with but ever since i got back in ive notieced not alot of ksi play together, Def gotta change that cuz i miss the old michael myers game in cod4 if any1 remembers that. and playing jenga in halo and infected too.
  6. KSI Special187

    KSI Special187 Iz back

    I was In KSI in halo and cod back in god idk when. prolly 2005-2009 or somewhere in that area. Im back in now, hopefully this time the drama will keep down. If any1 remembers me hit me up on the box and any KSI member hit me up shoot me that FR