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  1. KSI AuzzieAleet

    WHAts your fav song

    Hold on till May-Pierce the veil
  2. KSI AuzzieAleet

    My favorite sports teams :D!

    NFL- Saints NRL ( National Rugby League/ Australian) Manly Seaeagles Soccer-West Ham United NBA- Lakers
  3. KSI AuzzieAleet

    Shocking Secret :(

    I couldnt hide this from my ksi family anymore i need to come clean, I am a Power ranger,
  4. KSI AuzzieAleet

    Fav Gun in the History of games?

    good call good call Needler was prob my fav halo weapon due to the explosion it made after you sprayed an enemy down:D
  5. KSI AuzzieAleet

    KSI AuzzieAleet

    How so ? haha
  6. What is youre fav gun in the history of games Mine is clearly the lancer from Gears of War
  7. KSI AuzzieAleet

    Application to become my minion. lollol

    Name? KSI AuzzieAleet Age? 20 Favourite colour? Cyan :3 DO YOU LIKE HUGS? I do enjoy a good hug yes Do you enjoy naps? I sleep 24/7 How much do you play xbox? way to much and do you lift? Nope but i elavate NO seriously DO YOU LIFT? i have been known to bench press 240 pounds Listen here bro DO YOU MUTHER ****ING lift? No :'( Also one more qualification that probs no one else would have is that i have one of them amazing auzzie accents
  8. KSI AuzzieAleet

    KSI AuzzieAleet

    Heyy Guys My name is KSI AuzzieAleet, Im A CPT in Fallen XK, i Joined this amazing community after my friend left KSI United( Fuzzys) I was a general of Vicious WI, I got to choose the name i left as a good friend left and i did not want to loose him, Im enjoying myself here its legit a family here, i love the love and respect i recieve here, I am From Australia and i have one of them sexy accents I am currently blind in my Left eye got drunk a few weeks ago on my 20th birthday and ran into a tree haha Feel Free to add me i dont bite much, cant wait to me you all