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  1. who said it was a debate, i dont need luck, im blessed 

  2. Cali 7

    Forums Layout Proposal

    I'd like to see us evolve into an actual pre made app on a separate page, like a legitimate form thats accessible on top nav bar. Makes it way easier to Join for new forum users instead of sift through forum banners until spotted. Once submitted it goes to the IA section, and join archive where they are background checked. It would minimize Divisions jumping in prematurely and allow background checks to be more thorough. Having everything out in the open and copy paste forum format is kind of archaic and also prevents potential poaching for those that lurk our open forums. I'd like to see a division transfer section made as an open topic in the IA section, so we can log all division transfers officially. It helps keep people accountable and gives divisions more incentive to use the forums to document changes. The front page could use a little flair, maybe the actual table layout or just added color or logo usage. Something that pops with branding I know this is a large topic of debate, but the stream window above the shoutbox made the site more interactive and actually produced added site activity. It can be placed to not look sloppy, I've seen it on display on current IPB forums. Many members have asked about it and prefer it. The shoutbox needs to be visible on all pages, that was a common suggestion that I have heard. The inconvenience of having to go to the home forums page to use the shoutbox. This way people can browse topics and still carry on a conversation. And finally...coming up with some form of consolation for awards display. I've heard enough that openly displayed awards are an important thing to member base. The menu organization from Jazz, looks good. I agree on them. The key is to have an interactive site regardless of preference. I had my various dislikes of the old site, but if it promotes activity and makes the forums easier to use...the vanity aspect is easier to swallow. My only other suggestion is a discord bot that works along with our forums notifying of new posts, this way we can make policy to put all squad announcements, security updates and notes on the forums with the bot linking the direct post in discord. Discord seems to be heavily responded to, might as well use that to our advantage to utilize it for heavy site activity.
  3. Cali 7

    KSI Global T Shirts

    I'd pick a couple up
  4. How I do initial training is this, When you train people, never train 1 on 1. Try and incorporate no less than 3 and no more like 8 in a training course. The reasoning for that is the social aspect of the community gets displayed with training. Have everyone in the party add each other before you start any topics, that now encourages activity in your squad by a new private having multiple party options from the start. I break everything into an itemized schedule, 3 Activity/Game Nights, 1 Training Workshop, 1 Meeting per week with 2 floating days to bolster unscheduled activity (Recruiting Parties, Party games, Random games). The key is to keep a squad moving at all times, whether it's socially or constructively. Dead time results in zero productivity and leads to bad habits (complacency, boredom). Always remember that people join this place with high expectations, that hear of the active social environment and expect us to keep that promise to them. Having a pro active squad, as well as an organized squad keeps that promise. The scheduling also makes things concrete and easier to manage around time schedules and gives members a guideline of exactly when things happen. (A schedule also allows the officer staff both LT/CPT, MJR and Gen to work together to complete that schedule through delegation) The way I utilize code of conduct is descriptively, yes 12 rules feels a little excessive seeing a few of them are redundant but you can shorten and summarize them to get the same guidelines across. Don't be afraid to use humor, make the most mundane part of recruiting a part of your sales pitch. How you display yourself in the recruitment process can measure how interested of a private you just recruited. If we sound like emotionless robots, they will not feel the enthusiasm to come in and be a part of something new and exciting. The ranking structure should be explained at the squad level, with a general overview of who runs the community and divisional staff as well. New recruits need to be aware of who all of us are because if we happen to join a party and they get a little too carefree with their words...that could cause them issues and if they were uninformed, the person responsible for training them will be the one answering for it. It also is good to practice chain of command early, A division leader doesn't need to hear about minor squad issues, a Director is not "Dad" and is it not good practice to approach them as such if your command in a division gave you an answer you didn't find desirable. By doing this we make people accountable for their actions and decisions, the only way to train and learn ranks correctly is to play the full role and manage your areas using the proper chain of command. Failure to do so, should not be a repeated slap on the hand...the structure is important, without it we lack the setting to manage a large number. Having a forums account was mandatory when I joined here, you needed to be at least registered. Communication apps are explained at your leisure, we want to encourage communication in all forms but not forget that we are an "Xbox" community and an active Discord account does not make you an active member in an Xbox squad. Your goal with training is to thoroughly explain what a new person just joined, show them opportunity, encourage them to learn more and NEVER lay out a minimal guideline. Being a part of KSI is essentially being part of a team, encouraging people to be dormant and not participate in that team is counter productive to recruiting in the first place. You want to promote the benefits of squad activity and allow the member to explore them to see if KSI squad life is right for them. So phrases like "Chill and Game", "You don't have any responsibility", "You don't have to" and "I don't know" are words that should be avoided like the plague. It is not mandatory to put in work here, but it is also not encouraged to lay that out from the start...let them discover it themselves with the opportunities and options for learning you provide for them.
  5. KSI is a larger spectrum than any one individual can comprehend. The success of the many outweigh the feelings of the few.

    1. KSI LadyOnYou

      KSI LadyOnYou

      I like my feels though

  6. There are very few Monsters who warrant the fear we have of them

  7. It's hard to be called cookie cutter, when we created the mold in the first place.

  8. Serve like a 7, Work like a 14.

  9. It's better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war

    1. KSI Samsara ♋

      KSI Samsara ♋

      Someone's gotta grow the crops. XD Decent analogy.

  10. Cali 7

    Petition to remove taxes from the forums economy.

    Sign me up. I already live in a state that taxes me for no reason.
  11. Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.