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  1. xITS EVILx

    maybe someone will know this

    lol funny how the last release xbox put out stated that all features will be back in the next thirty days hmmm we will see what really happens and btw please dont reply back being so rude miss lolo expectially when ur supposed to be clan ops director. its people like you that make people not want to join and not want to stay in ksi. IF YOU ONLY KNEW MY KSI HISTORY YOU WOULD NEVER ACT THAT CROSS TO ME.
  2. xITS EVILx

    maybe someone will know this

    yea their are a lot of issues with the xbox one no more than the major issues the ps4 is having but these features are making is difficult to grow our xbox one presence. the major tool that i use to recruit and grow interest in ksi is not there
  3. xITS EVILx

    maybe someone will know this

    so on the xbox one there is not a way to message all recent player. nor is their a way to change your motto so what is the plan of action for this?
  4. xITS EVILx

    minecraft pc server

    hey guys i do run a minecraft pixelmon server on pc if you would like to play please go to evilpixelmon.mcserver.ws to play.
  5. xITS EVILx

    Share Your Rig

    Brand/Manufacturer: Gateway Operating System: windows 7 hp CPU/Processor: 3.3 ghz i3 RAM:14gb GPU:amd 8770 Hard Drive: 2tb hdd 250 gb solid Monitor Resolution: 1280x720 and 1360x780 Primary Uses: gaming and video editing Additional Comments: took a base gateway e series overclocked it and just had fun adding to it next is an intercooler and to beef up the processor a little more
  6. xITS EVILx

    Xbox One

    or me lol