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  1. Diverting

    What song are you listening to?

  2. we fall but yet we still get back up. we learn from our mistakes and try to make ourselfs perfect... but what do you do when you are perfect

  3. Diverting

    New to KSI

    i say welcome and hope u will enjoy KSI
  4. creating twitch account, than going downlaod stuff to livestream :D

    1. KSI Wolfy 7

      KSI Wolfy 7

      What device do you have?

  5. feeling invincible right now. until i go outside :P

  6. in what language does born deaf people think in?

  7. just bought a 3D tv :D lets play some games :P

  8. ok goign to shoot some people on ghost... wanna join just add me on xbox360 :D

  9. trying to make nice pic with photoshop... but not going so well.

  10. thinking about what is should do hmmm :P

  11. Diverting

    hello all

    no problem. better with a delay than never
  12. Diverting

    hello all

    ah i will remember that, maybe someday in the future i will have a question... some things just needs a helping hand
  13. Diverting

    hello all

    yeah you where right still need to know lot of people here, but that will be alright.
  14. Diverting

    hello all

    hello guys and girls i just joined KSI and i hope to have fun with you guys and ofcourse not to forget the girls. im 22 just for the people that wanna know that i play ghost most of the time, just started with the game yesterday. im in squad SHADOW and division AD. just add me on xbox or let me know and i will add u so we can play together. hope to have fun here with you all. see ya soon GT= KlircX