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  1. Mute your mic it ain't that hard Lol
  2. KSI BocePHus99

    New and need friends

    Glad to see you on the forums buddy
  3. KSI BocePHus99

    I'm new

  4. KSI BocePHus99

    Black ops2 and gtav

    Hello everyone my name is KSI BocePHus99 and I love playing bo2 and gta v my only problem is I don't have any friends online that play a lot and I would like to play in parties more if anyone would like to add me just send me a request. Thanks
  5. KSI BocePHus99

    What truck company is better

  6. KSI BocePHus99

    what game is better

    Its hard to choose between bf 3 and bo2 it depends on what mood I'm in though
  7. KSI BocePHus99


    Thanks guys really happy to be here
  8. KSI BocePHus99


    Hello everyone ive been here about two weeks and would like to game with more people from KSI i mainly play bo2 and minecraft i could always use more friends feel free to add me on xbox my gt is BocePHus99
  9. KSI BocePHus99

    What Are You Watching?

    Trailer park boys
  10. KSI BocePHus99

    Need help

    thank you guys my issue was solved appreciate the help
  11. KSI BocePHus99

    Need help

    The leader in my squad said he was a "sleeper cell" and our squad was shut down I don't know who to talk to my recruiter is as confused as I am
  12. KSI BocePHus99

    Need help

    Hello, I joined ksi about a week ago and was in Rome le that's what I was told...now I'm confused because I got a message that said it was disbanded I don't know what's going on and was wondering if anyone here could help me I'm confused as to what I should do thank you