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  1. KSI Underwood


    I'm interested in joining the PS4 squad myself. I use to be apart of it way back when it first started.
  2. KSI Underwood

    KSI Day 2014

    Can't ask for a better group of members and leaders to work together with!
  3. KSI Underwood

    PS4 Discussion Thread

    I just want Minecraft to come out already! The Xbox One has a release date of this Friday, but no word on the PS4 edition.
  4. KSI Underwood

    Destiny BETA

    It was a really awesome beta though. I can't wait for the actually game to come out in the next week.
  5. KSI Underwood

    Playstation DDOSED

    Nothing Sony could really do to prevent it. They ended up going for Xbox Live and Steam as well. I ended up trying to play on my 360 since I couldn't really on my PS4, still had trouble trying to play GTA Online. Just a bad day overall for gamers.
  6. KSI Underwood

    Destiny BETA

    I have it but I got it from a friend who preordered it and he received 3 codes.
  7. KSI Underwood

    Game guides

    I'd suggest you go with the big games that we have squads for. Such as tactical advantages and weapons to use in different situations.
  8. KSI Underwood

    BF4 Team

    Well yeah if someone is able to rent their own server or multiple servers than that will clearly be a game changer and you will be able to have meetings and game nights in such an environment. I'd personally like to see a GTA V squad on the PS4 when the time comes.
  9. KSI Underwood

    BF4 Team

    BF4 is a great game just difficult to recruit on and even more difficult to hold a meeting on
  10. KSI Underwood

    Diplomatic Corps

    I like the idea, but I have to agree that it will fail more than likely. Someone will want to run the United Nations and people will always be fighting for control. It would not work either as the United Nations would not be neutral they would be playing in tournaments together and so forth which would break the neutrality of KSI and could potentially lead to problems for us.
  11. KSI Underwood

    PS4 Discussion Thread

    I mean graphics wise it obviously will, but as far as new content I would not see why it'd be any different.
  12. KSI Underwood

    Introductions video

    It'd be an easier way for members to get that training and whenever they want compared to waiting for an officer to do it.
  13. KSI Underwood

    Who Wants To Be A Moderator?!

    Name: Chris Underwood Age: 21 Gamertag/PSN ID: KSI_Underwood Rank(s): Judge, Deputy Director of Internal Affairs, Counselor & Gamemaker What does being a moderator mean to you?: It means being there for the members, no matter how small an issue. It also means tirelessly working on the forums and even doing things nobody else wants to do but they need to be done. A moderator means having responsibility to the community by helping to maintain the flow and organization of the website as well as the privilege of working with a professional and hardworking Web Ops staff. What could you bring the Forums Staff?: I would bring a hardworking and dedicated work ethic that has been shown in how I have handled myself as a Judge and the continued work I have had with Anatomy and the fellow HR staff. I am heavily active on the forums and am on everyday. I am easily reachable through the forums, skype, or through Playstation. All I can say is I get things done and done quickly. Why do you want to become a Moderator?: I have a strong desire to help the community out in any way I possibly can. I am on the forums daily, like I previously mentioned. I feel as if I would fit in well and would do whatever is asked of me. I am constantly looking for ways to help the members of this community out so we can grow and remain a professional community. Do you have any previous experience? If so what.: The only work I have previously had is CMS duties in United (So not much). Last but not least, a short paragraph at minimum why we should choose you.: As I have previously stated, I have a superior work ethic in which I am dedicated to this community and willing to spend the time working to help it in any way possible. I have already assisted Anatomy many of times and I believe have become his go-to-guy if he needs help with anything or needs something done right away. Activity would not be an issue with me as I am on everyday and willing to work each and every day. I have an excellent relationship with everyone in Global and have had no issues since I have been in. I will go over and beyond what is expected of me and work my butt off as I strive for perfection. I believe I will be a fine addition to an already superb Forums staff. Thank you for the consideration!
  14. KSI Underwood

    PS4 Discussion Thread

    So who is excited for GTA V on the PS4, other than this guy? lol I mean it pushed my 360 to the limits so I am excited to see what it will be like on the PS4. The major perk is that I can carry my multiplayer saves over to the PS4 and pick up where I left off. (with my two expensive apartments and my awesome cars)
  15. KSI Underwood

    Introductions video

    I like that and reading this I just thought of having training videos for those learning the ropes: how to recruit, how to properly host a meeting, etc.