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  1. drwrestle135

    Netflix Hidden Gems

    Ironclad is a badass graphic movie that takes place during medieval times.
  2. drwrestle135

    What are you watching?

  3. drwrestle135

    2014 Fantasy Football

    This league we got going is awesome. By far the closest and most interesting I've ever been in, really enjoying the competition.
  4. drwrestle135

    NFL team Favorite?

    NY Jets!
  5. drwrestle135

    Best console of all time

    1. N64 2. Gameboy Color 3. Sega Genesis 4. Xbox 360 5. Xbox One 6. Gamecube 7. Wii
  6. drwrestle135

    FRANCHISES: Halo vs. CoD

    CoD is good but its nothing compared to Halo.
  7. drwrestle135

    NFL Preseason

    The jets are 2-0 so far looking good I'm excited for the season. Our defensive secondary is hurting right now which is unfortunate because they can be so good and they are young. Injuries and penalties can hold you back big time. So many penalties the discipline is awful, but what else is new lol.
  8. drwrestle135

    2014 Fantasy Football

    For the draft date I'm usually off Wednesday's and Thursdays's, I know weird days off, any other day after 6pm Eastern Time I should be able to get online if that helps.
  9. drwrestle135

    What song are you listening to?

    Dig - Incubus
  10. drwrestle135

    What Are You Watching?

    I'm on season 8 of Shameless the UK series right now
  11. drwrestle135

    Favorite movie

    Coyote Ugly
  12. drwrestle135

    Favorite Actor // Actress

    Denzel Washington and Jennifer Anniston
  13. drwrestle135

    What is is the best thing about XBOX?

    ^ what he said. I agree with FPS on xbox and MMO/RPG's on PC.
  14. drwrestle135

    What is is the best thing about XBOX?

    achievements/gamerscore and online is better on xbox than playstation
  15. drwrestle135


    I love titanfall i think its awesome.