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  1. KSI Stellar

    What KSI Means To Me

    We ask ourselves something atleast once if we are here. What does this community mean to me? My answer is long, but simple. This is a community of gamers who want to help others who play like they do to have a place to expand and grow not only as a gamer, but as a person themselves. It's not hard to take what you can learn from KSI and put it elsewhere. Look at TS for instance. It's a great bunch of older gamers who are in leadership positions and taking on responsibility and dedication to something far greater than themselves. They push and strive to learn and adapt. Traits like that are very easy to put into the workplace, because they have a small grasp on what to already expect from a leadership role because they know the chain. The fact we communicate with an open door policy and we try to tell others as soon as possible what's going on, I've taken that and put it to my job very nicely. Learning how to talk to leaders and how to fix issues helped save my job. It also gives me confidence in myself that I actually sorely lack. I feel like I'm doing my part in a greater whole that helps others out. KSI to me is about preparing someone to lead and giving them a sense of purpose. If someone wants to do something, they have the help they need to get it. They can reach out and ask for it and soon they are the ones others come to for help. Communication, respect, and commitment are what makes a good leader no matter what you are doing. I feel that I am doing my job right when I get congradulated, but it's not about the glory or the boasting, to me it's about the people. I love helping people as best I can. Making someone's day is the best thing and KSI has taught me how to do that by manning up, stepping up, communicating, and following the Chain of Command. So then, what's KSI to you?
  2. What's on my mind? Good question ..

  3. What's on my mind? Good question ..

  4. KSI Stellar

    KSI Stellar

    Thanks man! I appreciate it, message me sometime. We'll chat man
  5. KSI Stellar

    KSI Stellar

    Hey guys don't think I've introduced myself, I am new in Trend Stone but not new in KSI. Just a little background of myself, I am 19 years old. I was in KSI in the year of 2009, I was a Major in the Division SR (Xbox side). I enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces, I took a 6 month Basic Training course, Fire Arms course and CPR Course. I do one day hope to be shipped out to Afghanistan as it's always been my dream. As per KSI, I see it as the same thing as the Armed Forces. Maybe it's not real, but as a community and family, I will always honor KSI and representing them as cheesy as it sounds haha. Anyways...... I hope to all meet you all and feel free to message me as I am always looking to meet new people. Thanks for taking your time reading my post, hope to meet you all soon! Cheers!
  6. KSI Stellar

    Returning to KSI!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm KSI Stellar or you can call me Austin. I was a previous member of KSI in 2009, I was in SR for about 9 months and made Captain (nothing special). I thought it was time to come back, as I just finished my Basic Training for the Canadian Armed Forces, I have more time on my hands. I look forward to meeting everyone, and thanks for taking your time to read my rant. Don't hesitate to message me! Take care