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  1. KSI_Hybridsmoke


    Im a pegasus brother :-)
  2. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    LGBT discussion.

    Only 3 months til Pride month :-)
  3. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    Anxiety help.

    All wonderful ideas. Thanks CHIEF,thats very useful.And Anatomy send me any anime. Im not picky lol
  4. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    Anxiety help.

    Hello everyone, I want to share a little secret that most folks do not know about me, and that I dont normally share. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Meaning I suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks over something that normal folks would laugh at, or not even consider worthwhile. Now I have a question for you all. What are some good ways to over come anxiety in any situation?
  5. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    LGBT discussion.

  6. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    what is your favorite color

    Cherry Red
  7. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    LGBT discussion.

    Welcome, Welcome :-) I am bisexual from TN. I doubt they will ever legalize gay marriage. Now marijuana is a different story lol i really wish that 2 haha
  8. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    LGBT discussion.

    Being happy with yourself, and loving who you are makes you a better person But on an opposite note, when my dad found out I thought he was gonna explode lol o.O
  9. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    LGBT discussion.

    Welcome Callisto :-). i wish had had it as lucky as you haha. My friends didnt really care that I was bi ( I like both equally). It was my family that had a problem. If you ever wanna talk just pm me or of course post on here lol.
  10. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    For those who love anime <3

    Bleach and yaoi
  11. Lol it pisses me off to no end
  12. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    LGBT discussion.

    Because of lack of activity, I would like to request a closing of this topic if I may. This did not work out like I had hoped lol.
  13. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    The Hunger Games

    Her partner is very hot. Lol i remember him from an old rip off of jumanji lol. So sexy for his age.
  14. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    The Hunger Games

    I <3 the Hunger Games series. Very romantic and suspenciful
  15. KSI_Hybridsmoke

    What KSI Means To Me

    KSI is my family, friends, and comrads. From Halo 2 until now KSI has proved its strength and loyalty. The greatest group of people you could meet, and game with. I know KSI stands for Knowledge... Strength... Integrity, but it will always be Killing Services' Incorporated to me lol.