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  1. RT @FK_DEMO: @joshua_menke Sooooo wanna explain how great this true skill is? https://t.co/NiRHUuLVnZ Can go and get zero kills but get cha…

  2. @Naptimez !gamble 5000 (since the @Twitch chats are down)

  3. First time ever playing https://t.co/teKrNLmk4i https://t.co/STEzkT6FVi

  4. @tipzei Can't wait to grow with you on Twitch my bro!

  5. @Naptimez @Nafburger @TryRegisterThis @itsProf @FK_DEMO @_MlKEY @theHeavenlyyyy Thanks for the shout bro! Much love homie!

  6. @MisFirebbox #Preorder This was my whole childhood!!!

  7. Check out this clip! TongFx playing Halo 5: Guardians! https://t.co/cVlBnOQsFy

  8. I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at https://t.co/tf8Rzkb6NB

  9. @askagangsta Eh 1 video having a bad comment is whatever but thank you for the advice.

  10. @MisFirebbox I'm actually dead

  11. Wait......... @Youtubable did I just see you on Omegle

  12. @realCHVSE I don't know if you will do a song with me

  13. @TylaDubya Thanks for believing in me fam!

  14. @TylaDubya Hell yeah fam!!!

  15. RT @swissbeatbox: One with dancing! One with beatboxing =) https://t.co/vKEK5FpQrZ

  16. @xProDubstep With kindness? Ok I'll kill you with kindness.

  17. @kajomp Happy birthday fam!

  18. @MarcusVeltri @discordapp "Not saying you should print this email out and put it on the fridge, but you should prin… https://t.co/eMsWB5Asgz

  19. RT @TylaDubya: My snap story is lit be sure to add me @tyladubya

  20. @joyeuxn0el Where did I go

  21. @MisFirebbox I'll tell my Cheez-Itz about it

  22. @xProDubstep Let's ask @voiceofskitzo