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  1. Trying to get back into KSI. I miss the fun I had with everyone as I am starting to have more freetime on my hands. I hope my Application gets accepted. Wish me luck.

  2. hey bro long time no talk. feel free to add me on xbox im called SAO Kirito GGO now.

  3. hey! all of my old friends feel free to add me on xbox my new tag is SAO Kirito GGzo

    1. KSI W4VE B1RD

      KSI W4VE B1RD

      *GGO not GGzo whoops

    2. KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      KSI xDeCePtIoNx

      wow long time no see wave!

    3. KSI W4VE B1RD
  4. wave!! hit me up on xbox!!

  5. just got a job and then school and being a gen. this is gonna be lovely

    1. KSI Wolfy 7

      KSI Wolfy 7

      You will find free time. Trust me

  6. school is coming up soon for me. im not going anywhere and i hope our members feel the same

  7. some one gave me a 1 star rating :(

  8. as of today i am the 1st captain in caliber! aka the major in training

  9. its awesome finding someone who i can talk to about anything

  10. as of today i am second captain. but i am being trained so i will eventually be in the major position

  11. Im missing my friends who left KSI recently but its time for a new start. Caliber here we come back to the top!

    1. Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Not Here Anymore Go Away

      Friends come and go, but KSI will always be here.

  12. So as of yesterday I took the captains training and I am now caliber's 5th captain. It's crazy how in February I was a recruit

  13. Dungeon defenders with fellow SR members? Thats a yes any day! had so much fun playing with you guys

  14. I have a totally sweet new sig thanks to Anatomy ❤ :D