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  1. Damn Greenbay Packers lost! But its only the 1st game so yeah. 15 More Games To Go Packers!

  2. Tonights starts the NFL with the Greenbay Packers vrs the Seattle Seahawks. GO PACK GO!!

  3. You are looking at the Newest DIRECTOR of KSI

  4. TH (Twisted Haven) just hit 430ppl.... Div Split Time = Me Getting Director

  5. Kona

    How can you better the world?

    I'm a paramedic for the Salisbury Fire Department. So that's how I help ppl
  6. I love Trolling Asswholes on Skype. KSI Twisted Haven #1

  7. Kona

    How long have you been in KSI?

    Iv been around KSI since 2004 but never joined since 06. Then left and rejoined a few monthes ago. And now I run a Xbox one Division
  8. I Hate Stupid People!

  9. Kona

    Favorite people in history

    I have a dream.. Martin Luther King
  10. Kona

    Sincere apology from myself

    Well said Game. Brady I know you Division is struggling and you lost a Co. Founder. But here in KSI we are a family so if you need any help just ask me. I can give you ideas or maybe a guy to help you recruite if need be.
  11. Kona

    where do you reside?

    Maryland. USA
  12. Kona

    KSI Economy

    Xbox Live codes and 800 Microsoft point codes could be cool so some of our members can get that name change. Also exclusive beta codes to games like the new Doom or Bf Front line or even Destiny.
  13. Kona

    the halo collection

    Twisted Haven will be making a squad for this. So TH = Halo master chief collection!
  14. Kona

    maybe someone will know this

    The way TH is running we use smart glass to message all recent players and then for ranks we use the gamer pictures witch have numbers 1 thru 12 1 being Pvt and 12 being div ldr