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  1. Spartan, you online anymore hit me up on xbox!

  2. KSI Siege 15

    What is your Favorite Pop/ Energy Drink?

    Cherry coke or monster
  3. KSI Siege 15

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

    The LA Kings are going to p*** away their 3-1 game lead I can't believe it. So in the finals it is going to be rangers vs Blackhawks and the rangers are going to win it all
  4. KSI Siege 15

    Halo (film)

    I feel like if Microsoft and 343 industries took the chance of a film it would get big results tell me what you guys and girls think of a halo film. The film should be set in ether halo ce or the development of the Spartans and the fall of reach aka the books.
  5. KSI Siege 15


  6. KSI Siege 15

    What song are you listening to?

    F.U.N.- spongebob and plankton
  7. KSI Siege 15

    xX RAH Xx

    Hey what's up, did you just join?
  8. KSI Siege 15

    What song are you listening to?

    Camp fire song song- spongebob
  9. KSI Siege 15

    What song are you listening to?

    Stuck inside your head by Julian smith
  10. KSI Siege 15

    MINECRAFT (Xbox 360)

    Why I would love this is because there could be a special event that might be happening on minecraft and it would be nice if they could boost the player amount per game it would help this event that is coming up possibly
  11. KSI Siege 15

    What song are you listening to?

    Land down under by men at work
  12. KSI Siege 15

    MINECRAFT (Xbox 360)

    I wish they would increase the player limit that you can have in one game
  13. KSI Siege 15

    The Hunger Games

    It is great only concern is is making the last movie into two parts going to make it worse or is it going to make it better
  14. Happy Birthday Spartan!!

  15. KSI Siege 15

    New member, new name

    Good to see more and more people creating accounts on KSI global glad to see you on KSI global