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  1. Alabama high school student uses stun gun on teacher https://t.co/dnkLenfwv2 via @YouTube

  2. wash my bed pan


    Welcome to the forums <3
  3. wash my bed pan


    He's in Olympus LE (woot, REPRESENTIN') lol
  4. wash my bed pan

    The Hunger Games

    Sometimes the books are so good that you read them all day. Kinda like discovering breaking bad on Netflix lol.
  5. Yeah unless I'm recruiting I tend to use the 'mute all except party' option quite frequently.
  6. wash my bed pan


    Hey man! Glad you joined the forums.
  7. wash my bed pan

    Well, Well, Well...

    Hey there! If you're ever in need of someone to play with send me a friend request. Always down to game.
  8. wash my bed pan

    E3 2014

    I'm not sure what I'm excited for but I can't wait too see what's new.
  9. wash my bed pan

    Glad to be here

    Welcome to the community. <3
  10. wash my bed pan


    Welcome to the forums! Ever want someone to game with shoot me a friend request. I game everyday.
  11. wash my bed pan

    Idea to help with Organizing KSI

    I'd say talk to your divisional staff about the idea and if it's as good as you think it is and they agree with you, they could possibly take it up the chain of command.
  12. wash my bed pan

    Wolfy here

    Welcome to KSI i too have recently joined if you want anyone to play with hit me up!
  13. Any and all KSI members can join the team I'm commander of. Add me on xbox and I'll send you an invite asap. GT; KSI Alpha Zeta, also PlayStation gamers welcome.
  14. wash my bed pan

    Black ops 2 core/HC

    If anyone is needs someone to play with message me. I really need some players to game with... KSI alpha zeta is my tag so hit me up..