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  1. PFC Link

    What's your real job?

    Army MP. Job I wanted for years so very happy with it.
  2. Enjoy love and life. You may not have much of both.

  3. PFC Link

    KSI lucipher IV returns!

    You got station in Korea? Lucky
  4. PFC Link

    in need of an AW Squad

    There isn't a AW squad on the 360 side. 360 as of now runs BO2 BO3 Destiny. Also your account very new. Are you the same Spider I knew a few years ago?
  5. No matter what's happening KSI will be still alive and well

  6. No matter what's happening KSI will be still alive and well

  7. Happy Birthday Army!

  8. Great Job on CassCade WD on getting 60 members!

  9. PFC Link

    Things you miss about the old ksi

  10. PFC Link


    Great job ya!
  11. PFC Link


    Great you?
  12. No matter what, don't give up. Never give in!

  13. PFC Link


    Friends girls the rest.
  14. PFC Link

    Code Geass

    I have to agree on that one. Have you seen the movies though?
  15. PFC Link

    Hello New to Community's

    Welcome to KSI! Hope you enjoy your stay here!