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  1. Enjoy love and life. You may not have much of both.

  2. No matter what's happening KSI will be still alive and well

  3. No matter what's happening KSI will be still alive and well

  4. Happy Birthday Army!

  5. Great Job on CassCade WD on getting 60 members!

  6. No matter what, don't give up. Never give in!

  7. PFC Link


    Friends girls the rest.
  8. PFC Link

    Code Geass

    I have to agree on that one. Have you seen the movies though?
  9. General Mattis for President. Make America Savage again.

  10. PFC Link

    Why did you Join KSI?

    In the past to be honest, not sure. Now it's because after years of following others to KSI united and all around the gaming community world. Cutting to the chase cuddly asked me back last June and now I got back. The only people that remember me was a proxy(Blacklisted) and cuddly(Other KSI) though.
  11. #SyntheticLivesMatter

  12. Vote for the right person.

  13. This is a message from Rick. Never going to give you up Never going to let you down never going to go around and