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    Gaming and spending time with my lady and soon with our daughter.
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  1. KSI Osiris

    I'm Back

    Welcome back man nice to see you again
  2. KSI Osiris

    Jocknines Award Nomination

    Alright thanks for clarification. Yes to all besides donor need JT on that one
  3. KSI Osiris

    Jocknines Award Nomination

    Okay which award are you applying for? If its Humanitarian then we'd need to know that
  4. KSI Osiris

    KSI Tantalize awards

    Failure at life: yes The rest is gonna be tricky
  5. KSI Osiris

    KSI_POSEIDON_7's Request

    Yes to all.
  6. KSI Osiris

    KSI_POSEIDON_7's Request

    Better with friends: yes The rest need witnesses
  7. KSI Osiris

    KSI Galaxi's Awards Request

    KSI Celebrity: Yes
  8. KSI Osiris


    Hello nice to meet you
  9. Hello everyone my name is Donald. I've been in and out of KSI for the past 6 years. I'm apart of the PS4 Side my PSN is CraftyPizzaMan. I'm here to have fun and help work on bring KSI to its fullest potential. If you ever need anything feel free to hit me up.
  10. KSI Osiris

    What Does KSI Mean To You?

    Everyone says this and its true. Primarily it's a family where everyone has your back through thick and thin.
  11. KSI Osiris

    Fav games?

    The Fable Series but I really enjoy Destiny as well.
  12. KSI Osiris

    Favorite Video Game or intro to gaming

    The Fable Series, nuff said.
  13. KSI Osiris

    My Respect to Veterans

    Couldn't you commend a veteran every day for what they've done for our country and not just on one day?
  14. KSI Osiris

    What's your favorite Juice?

    V8 Splash Tropical Mango
  15. KSI Osiris

    KSI Goals

    Personally I want to be in long enough to hopefully see my daughter join.