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    Lesbian pairings, fanfic, anime, bumbleby, video games, girls who kick butt, actually kicking butt, dogs, iced tea, beer, Bioware, Bethesda, music, really good smells
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  1. KSI Deejnerys

    Should we make a pro team?

    I'd be behind this 100%. I'd manage it even. Talk to the sponsors, set up the social media (as I already have) and do all the things behind the scenes so the gamers can focus on the game.
  2. KSI Deejnerys


    Alright that sounds like a plan to me!
  3. KSI Deejnerys

    Ladies Netflix Horror Night

    We decided that it'll be a weekly thing (if we both have the time for it) and it now includes KSI Starbuck and KSI LokiGaming (he's a certified girl). But we would love to make this a real thing so let's boost this up! ((Also I know I had an fr from you but my idiot brother might've deleted it when I told him to accept it. Unless he did. In which case he's still an idiot just slightly less))
  4. KSI Deejnerys

    Forum Group Signatures

    I'm absolutely in love with this idea, I think it'd be helpful for others to see whether a person isa counselor (this is MY reason for it I'm sure others have their own) That way if they come across them in another thread it will be easier for them to get some help.
  5. KSI Deejnerys

    Recruiting Ideas

    I've got a list I use for all my workshops, officers and new recruits and after they hear it they really do improve! - Play a few games with people, get to know them; their quirks, how they act while they game. Study them a little bit, see if they're KSI material. - Send out a few messages at once, but make sure they still seem genuine and singular. Don't be on some "hey all you guys should join so I can get numbers" or something like that. -MAKE SURE RECRUIT IS 16+. (Are you over the age of sixteen) what is your birth year, when did you graduate, if you're in school, what year did you start - if you get people who are interested bring them into a party and talk to them. Explain what KSI is, what we do, how we play and all in all who we are. After that if they're still interested...code of conduct, their recruitment date and your name, KSI followed by theirs squad and then division and rank. Also have them add squad tag and send out a message about them. - bring them over the privacy rules as well (friends list friends only, profile set to everyone it WILL kick them out of Xbox live for a second when they save it but they'll be right back) - keep in touch with your recruit. Keep an eye on them, bring them into games, tell them about meetings; make sure they feel welcomed within not only the division but in KSI in general. Don't just recruit and leave them in the dust, introduce them to everyone and make them feel at home. !~ BACKGROUND CHECKS~! Background checks are simple, but if you aren't sure of someone, get a higher up to help That's what we're here for. Go to their friends list, make sure it's legit. If they have blacklisted clan people within their friends list then that may pull up a red flag. If they were part of Fuzzie's or a previous clan especially. Just keep an eye on that list. We don't need spies and moles. If you're unsure of the blacklisted clans and people you can visit ksig.net and view the lists on the bottom left hand side of the screen. If they clear the check...proceed as normal and get yourself a new recruit.
  6. KSI Deejnerys

    What quotes do you live by?

    "Without music, life would be a mistake" "Turning my cheek for the sake of the show" "It's my turn to let it go" The first is a Fredrick Nietzsche quote. I'm a musician and it hit me hard when I read it because it's so true. The second is a Kelly Clarkson song and aside from her being my favorite artist, it speaks volumes about being a silent struggler. The third is a mix of Idina Menzel lyrics. One from "Brave" which is an original song and the other from "Let It Go" which...well, everyone knows. Fun fact: these are my tattoos.
  7. KSI Deejnerys

    Ladies Netflix Horror Night

    So myself and KSI December are going to be doing a horror movie night tonight. Ladies only to show the KSI babes some love. If you're interested please shoot me a message on Xbox(KSI Deejnerys), I wanna see some new faces around....and hear your screams of terror...or how good you are at tearing apart a movie and making fun of it (like myself)
  8. KSI Deejnerys

    In Search Of Motivated People!

    You can sign me up. I may not have gfx abilities but I'm good at other stuff.
  9. KSI Deejnerys


    Done and done, Kered!
  10. KSI Deejnerys


    Not at all! We will be basing how many we allow to try out on how much interest is shown. Right now the number is at 24, so if you can get in before we get that many interested in tryouts then you'll be set!
  11. KSI Deejnerys


    Hey guys, Deej here. We're looking for people who're interested in being a part of something big. Something awesome. Something we all know lovingly as Major League Gaming. It isn't division or squad specific, it's KSI wide and we want the best of the best that we have. I will be in contact with top sponsors, other teams and the league itself so we can get our name out there and really show the world what KSI is made of. All interested please leave a comment below or contact myself or KSI Sandman on Xbox. There will be rules and regulations as all teams have, as well as a tryout when we get the interested members. Thanks and hope to hear from you!! NOTE: It's Call of Duty Black Ops 2 by the way
  12. KSI Deejnerys

    Sup, I'm Deej

    Wahhhh such a welcome I missed. Curse my lack of computer and smartphone that seems to be dumbed out. And thanks for the sig like and warm welcomes!
  13. KSI Deejnerys

    Payday 2 or Mass Effect 3?

    Red, do I Have you as a friend? That'll make a team of three and we'll pick up a random. Unless Hulk wants to be a part of it too.
  14. KSI Deejnerys

    Payday 2 or Mass Effect 3?

    This is why I play both.
  15. KSI Deejnerys

    Payday 2 or Mass Effect 3?

    EEEEEEEEE!!!! I'll be sure to add both of you!