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  1. KSI xBANGx


    Hey I am not in KSI anymore. But I do play PS4 a lot now. I am in a "clan" so to speak for the game Warframe on PS4 and Xboxb One. I was wondering if you guys had any squads there or not for Warframe. Its a nice little gagme for free adn in game purchases! Most things you can build yourself lol. But anyway, Was wondering if you guys have a division on that game if an alliance would be possible to create one. My people have one called Kings of Chaos(Kaos) and we could use some more members. We are a community that are open to all 15 and up as well as being LGBT freindly and open to anyone who wants. Message me if you guys have questions or anything. I am also the VP of IGS (Infamous Gaming Syndicate). Our Website is http://infamousgamingsyndicate.enjin.com/ we are still building this site up as you can see but its going up slowly. Its only me and like one or two others doign anything on the site for now. Thanks again guys! you all are great!!!, Dark_Tyke(Jake Brubaker)(KSI xBANGX)
  2. KSI xBANGx


    sooo.... im confused lol
  3. KSI xBANGx

    where do you reside?

    Bloomington Normal, Illinois, USA (JUST MOVED HERE)
  4. KSI xBANGx


    I love titan fall great geam just wish it was more geared with the campaign alittle better like not as much multiplayer on it but over great game
  5. KSI xBANGx


    LinkedIn is useful But I also don't know how companies and investors will look at us putting KSI down as a reference and also Skills we have learned from this community. As far as I know from experience is that Online Clans/ guilds don't help in the real world.. hope one day though.
  6. KSI xBANGx

    NFL Preseason

    I am a bears fan (please dont laugh here either) Sadly wont be watching too many games but last night I did at work party lol. was nice but not the best
  7. KSI xBANGx

    New Member.. need friends!

    if ya want add me zDG SEALTEAM VI (wont be on much but will message and be on the computer a lot lol)
  8. KSI xBANGx

    BANG'S Intro

    I would like to be recruited into this community. I will not be able to get on much during the school year do to classes for my major starting and ROTC. However if needed I can help with the forums or cites needed to be helped with. Message me when you have an answer or message me on Skype (located on my profile)