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    I'm here to be apart of the community. Here to stay.
  1. Welcome! Were you able to touch base with akula last night?

  2. Hey guys my stream is http://www.twitch.tv/team_cm I stream CoD to TF and everything(Or anything) I can.
  3. KSI Evolent 7

    KSI's PC Div Open

    Awesome! What's the Vent Server?
  4. KSI Evolent 7

    KSI's PC Div Open

    Gosh, this keep pulling me in, what's the Voice server? How can I get/use it? Can I play with you guy even though I'm in an Xbox one Div?
  5. KSI Evolent 7

    KSI's PC Div Open

    Sounds good, what about 3?
  6. KSI Evolent 7

    KSI's PC Div Open

    You guy have diablo 2?
  7. KSI Evolent 7

    Diablo 2

    I've been playing diablo 2, and I am getting into it, I was wondering if anyone else would join me? I play as the druid, I'm a little new, and would love to play with some people that could show me the ropes (or give me items >).
  8. KSI Evolent 7

    i need a sqaud

    Message me on Xbox one, KSI Evolent
  9. KSI Evolent 7


    I'm gonna rock destiny, I'll bring that legend into existence!
  10. KSI Evolent 7

    hey yall

    Welcome to the site. Hope you have a great time.
  11. KSI Evolent 7

    KSI's PC Div Open

    What games is the PC Div over?
  12. The newest Elite Unit Co-Fo

  13. KSI Evolent 7

    Hello, I'm Gsus

    Awesome, Welcome back! Hope you guys are chilling with me one Xbox one!
  14. Loving KSI<3

    1. Gᵒᵏᶸ


      I feel the potential, but yet to experience the love here.