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  1. @TempleowlGolden but as they say... payback is a *****.

  2. KSI Crazyman 7

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    Comment GT
  4. KSI Crazyman 7

    Looking for people to play civilization with x360

    You gotta be into it.
  5. KSI Crazyman 7

    New to this.

    Thank you.
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    Anyone wanna play BF4?
  7. KSI Crazyman 7

    Name Change

    Will someone donate points for a namechange or like some of my posts pleaseeeeee! I changed my GT and would really appriciate it!
  8. KSI Crazyman 7

    New to this.

    I was recruited by KSI Mr Brady 7 and i dont really understand the forums. Can anyone help?
  9. Recruited by: KSI Mr Brady 7