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  1. K SHAP 2468

    Recruited by BANISH HD

    Toasty I was informed I can't be recruited by you.
  2. K SHAP 2468

    Recruited by BANISH HD

    Recruited just now by KSI Nova 6, now apart of KSI BANISH HD!! Go KSI
  3. K SHAP 2468

    Go KSI

  4. K SHAP 2468

    Go KSI

    Hey KSI my gt is K SHAP 2468 and I just joined! I play 360, black ops 2, and titanfall!!
  5. K SHAP 2468

    What song are you listening to?

    Biggie Smalls- Hypnotize
  6. K SHAP 2468

    Favorite Sport

  7. K SHAP 2468

    NBA Playoffs

    The heat are going to beat the spurs no doubt about it, statistically wise the heat are way more dominant in point scoring and defense!! Sorry if you like the spurs but it's the truth! Go heat!