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    living life to the fullest and going to school for graphic design!
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  1. shotgun rumble

    What is your favorite zombies map

    nope, shio numa or verruct** ya i know i butchered the names, but nothing beats classic zombies where the glitches where fun and everything was new and exciting!
  2. shotgun rumble

    What is is the best thing about XBOX?

    we can all agree on one thing though! pc master race haha
  3. shotgun rumble

    when do you get online

    all day random as well
  4. shotgun rumble

    Use cash for economy buys

    that seems like a great idea that could potential generate decent revenue to help pay for the site and stuff
  5. shotgun rumble

    Mp7 vs MsMc

  6. shotgun rumble

    KSI in League of Legends?

    are their any lol teams with ksi members out there? anybody play the game? what are your thoughts?
  7. shotgun rumble

    What song are you listening to?

    Nomy- cocaine
  8. shotgun rumble


    is ksi big in pc gaming at all? just wondering because i know it wouldnt be a bad idea to get something started on games like world of tanks or league of legends! im guessing ksi is still on the xbox for the most part and on shooting games?
  9. shotgun rumble

    what is your favorite color

    by far my favorite will always be TEAL also a huge sucker for lime green or hot pink... but never both together... ever, nuff said. haha
  10. shotgun rumble


  11. shotgun rumble

    Halo 2 Anniversary chat.

    figured i would stop in on this post since i was a general of KSI ATHENS LE back in halo 2 under KSI Antonious LE and cant wait to get back into the grind of things, what do you guys think they are going to do with the clan system?!? do you think they will incorporate that again? i also really want all the original emblems and backgrounds!
  12. shotgun rumble

    some of you might remember me

    thanks Mr Brady! glad to be back! hopefully some people i know reply to this thread! i really want to get back in the grind like it was in halo 2! do i have to have an xbox one to chat with you? all i have is a 360 slim at the moment, will be getting an xbox one next month?!?
  13. shotgun rumble

    some of you might remember me

    hey there guys, my name is shotgun rumble, i am a oldschool KSI Member from back in Halo 2, i was in KSI ATHENS LE and had lots of friends who where in TK. KSI Antonious LE (KSI andyoncrack was also him) i knew both KSI TEX 7 and KSI T3X 7 haha. i remember OG'S like KSI DALLAS 7, KSI NIGHTMARE 7 and KSI MIGHTY 7. I'm so oldschool i remember Kog/XGC being blacklisted clans haha i tried getting back into KSI in halo reach and was able to contact KSI TEX 7, she got me reunited with se7ven 7 and a few people i use to know, and meet alot of cool people and fresh faces! But that was around the time that there was that blackghost thing and 2 different KSI's... so i just kinda faded away again :/ hard to believe that its been so long since back in the day! I really want to know if anybody remembers me from back in halo 2! want to get back into the halo can scene with the new halo 2 remake coming back out i want to see what i can do when that comes out! additional information/proof: you can look up my halo 2 service record from bungie.net... go to around page 40-80 and there should be also of OG KSI members in all the arranged matches who i use to play with and know! My KSI gamertag i made: KSI SHOTGUN 911, look it up on xbox live and it should pull up with a few people who where in ATHENS LE. looking forward to getting back in the clan! -shotgun